Passing of Bill Mok Shihan

Sunday, April 5, 2015
Bill Mok Shihan (7th Dan), Hon Life President of Hong Kong Karatedo Federation, passed away on March 30, 2015 due to disease, in Brisbane, Australia, informed the family. Bill Mok Shihan born in Hong Kong, was also the President  and Chief Instructor of Hong Kong Seigokan and the Presidential Advisor of Asian Karatedo Federation (ex-Secretary General), ex-member of the Executive Committee of the World Karate Federation (WKF) and one of the most prominent and outstanding members of Seigokan. The project of the International Gojuryu Karatedo Seigokan Federation (IGKSF), was a dual project of him and Jose Martins Achiam. Achiam Shihan (7th Dan), already deceased, presented the project to Seigo Tada Kancho in 2003 that it was approved by him. With the death of the two mentors, the project becomes orphan. So, this is the last posting until a new effort and leadership, perhaps by proper Seigokan Overseas and Nihon Seigokan Honbu Dojo.
Long Life to Eternal Seigokan!
Bill Mok Shihan R.I.P.! Oss...