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First President Sensei Seigo Tada's simplified personal history

1922 - Born on February 18th in Kyoto, Japan.
1937 - Learned Chinese martial art (Chinese Kenpo) from Sensei Ching Lou.
1939 - Entered Karate Club of Ritsumeikan University. Learned the essence of Goju-ryu Karate from Sensei Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju-ryu. Installed as a coach of Karate Club of Ritsumeikan university.
1945 - Established Nihon Seigokan Karate-doshikai,Nihon Goju-ryu Karate-doshikai and Nihon Seigokai in Kyoto and tried to train wholesome heart,bodies education and popularization of legitimate Karate-do for the younger generation in the community, Had been leading 120 Seigoukan domestic dojo and braches,10-University Karate Clubs ( Osaka University, Siga University, Bukkyou University, Osaka Dental college, Kyoto Foreign  Language College, Kyoto Institute of Technology and Textile, Kyoto Pharmaceutical College ,Yamaguchi University, Tokuyama University, Kyushu Kyoritsu University) and Karate Clubs of many enterprises, and 20 overseas branches, as President and chief instructor. The number of Seigokan members is over 200,000 now.
1964 - Joined as one of promoters and executives, in establishment and organization of All Japan Karate-do Federation, Kansai  District Karate-do Federation, Kinki District Karate-do Federation and each Prefectural Karate-do Federation, and pursued on with the administration to support union of each federation. Made establishment of the competition rules and developed the original protector in 1952, for the purpose of modernized karate as sports and held the tournament using the protector. Besides promoted All Japan Tournaments, International Tournaments, joining National Sports Festivals as the Olympic Games.

          Member of Instruction Committee in All Japan Karate-do Federation
Director of all Japan Karate-do Federation
Chief of Directors of Kansai District Karate-do Federation
Chief of Directors of Kinki District Karate-do Federation
Chief of Directors, Vice President in Hyogo Prefectural Karate-do Federation
Official competitions Referee: 1st All Japan Karate-do Championship Tournament
Arbitrator: 2nd All Japan Karate-do Championship Tournament (1971)
Chief of referees: 3rd All Japan Karate-do Championship  Tournament (1973)
Director of Tournament head office: WUKO 1st World Karate-do
Championship Tournament in Osaka(1970)
Arbitrator: WUKO 2nd World Karate-do Championship Tournament in Paris (1972)
Arbitrator: APUKO 1st Asia and Pacific Karate-do Championship Tournament in Singapore (1973)
Others: Chairman, Referee, Vice President etc, in All Kansai and Kinki District Karate-do Tournaments and Prefectural Tournaments besides the above.
Joined as Chairman of preparatory executive committee of All Kansai Karate-do Federation for the purpose of formal participation of Karate-do in the 36th National Sports Festival held in Shiga Pref. in 1981. Consequently it was realized and Shiga Pref. got the 1st prize in the Karate-do part.
Regarding his overseas activities, he established Seigokan branches in Hong Kong and Macao in 1967, first, for proper understanding and promotion of Karate-do in overseas area as well as for participation in the Olympic Games. Since then he had visited England, U. S. A., Brazil , Australia, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Singapore, and other countries for leading and education of instructors.
*  Got the Hyogo Prefecture Athletic merits prize in 1981
*  He was handsome, active and young all the time.   

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